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Trainer/Coach, Regisseurin, Theaterpädagogin

As a coach, I focus on making connections between your personality, strengths, desires and career aims, as well as the developments, challenges, twists and turns that life can bring. I also specialize in coaching for particular contexts such as presentation and public speaking, career advancement, and improving overall self-confidence. With my background in theater, I offer a keen aspect of observation, sensitivity and knowledge of emotional and physical expression. As an English native speaker, I also offer the additional advantage of coaching in the English language, which can be beneficial in an international context.

My focus areas:
+ how to speak up with confidence and fluency
+ developing and enhancing leadership abilities
+ how to connect and control verbal and non-verbal communication
+ learning to deal with conflict situations
+ finding solutions for »fear factors” in professional contexts
+ improve your overall professional profile
+ enhance your English-language communication
+ craft skills for cultural and gender-sensitivity and awareness